Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eraserheads songs put movie to life

I read in the blog of Mukamo.com that people are planning to do a movie about Eraserheads songs. I think it's nice to spread the talent of those four guys but I feel like they're just milking and riding with their fame. Just a suggestion, I think it would be better if they cast in unkown actors or indie cred actors so that we won't be distracted with how these teeny boppers will basterdize the movie.

here's the actual report,

"Ultraelectromagnetic Love is an upcoming trilogy movie produced by Regal Entertainment, which is based on three Eraserheads songs.

Episode 1 is titled “Tindahan ni Aling Nena,” it will star Glaiza de Castro and Marky Cielo. Episode 2 is titled “Magasin”, it will star the love team of Jennica Garcia and Mart Escudero. The last episode is “Torpedo” and will be lead by Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal. All songs of the movie’s sound track were credited to Eraserheads’ lead singer Ely Buendia as composer and the movie script is penned by Fairlane Raymundo"


Planet Markus said...

Yeah, I agree. The idea of doing their songs into a movie sounds fine but the casting gives it a yucky feeling.

modern day katipunero said...

planet markus, i like the idea pero sayang kung magiging ganito lang. let's hope that if they push through with it, things would turn out well!