Monday, December 22, 2008

Kevin "The Big Bully" Garnett

With the Boston Celtics winning last year's championship, KG has solidified his place as one of the dominant and most respected player in the league. This year's team has gained numerous nods from all corners of the court for keeping the intensity level up and playing every game as a championship-caliber team. It's easy to say that most of the credit goes to KG for releasing the beast within to his teammates!

Some may applaud at this feat but I''m sure not everyone would agree about KG's on-court celebration. For those who are still confused, I present to you...

Exhibit A - Jose Calderon

Exhibit B - Glen Davis (you have to admit that this is hilarious!)

Exhibit C - Jerryd Bayless

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kicksology: First Edition

To mark my first entry since god knows when, I shall introduce to the world this new section-kicksology, where I will feature shoes that will make your useless time on the internet worth spending. And it's just timely that for my first edition I have the honor to feature the People's Champion, Manny Pacquiao.
The existence of this shoe makes me even prouder for our World Champ not only for making De La Hoya retire but for being the first Filipino to have a signature Nike shoe.
Drool over the intricate details that represents P.I.

As most Pinoys are, Manny is no exception to have passion for basketball. As one of the best pound for pound fighter in world right now, Nike honored Manny with a shoe of his own-NIKE AIR MAX BIZNESS PE.

Aside from our own, this shoe is also been worn by Zach Randolph and Richard Jefferson.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free 50 Track Download From Eggboy

Eggboy - “50 INSTRMNTLS N A WK” is the unofficial release of Project Runway Philippine's soundtrack. It includes 50 electronic instrumental tracks in mp3 format including instrumental versions of some Eggboy classics “Just Can't Let You Stay, “Nagsasawa Ka Na Ba?” plus Eggboy Vs. Spazzkid tracks “Experiment 1d”, “Disposable Cup Hussle”, and “Running Off”. All zipped into a 2 part folder (196.8 MB)-- let's see how fast you download this brada? Enjoy!


"Fortunately I was able to cut a deal with client that I still am the owner of the music used in the series. The story of '50 INSTRMNTLS N A WK' started in mid 2008 when I bagged the job to score the show, it was a rush job and I was given only two weeks before deadline. Although the moment I got the job, I was getting ready to check in my pregnant wife in the hospital who could give birth at anytime.

Eventually, I spent my first week in the hospital (without a laptop, my music making machine is in a desktop at home) and just kept in mind the task I'm suppose to bag the following week which was to submit “55 pieces” of music.

When we came out of the hospital and of course after we settled down, I did the job almost 10 songs a day, just hitting all kinds of genres and as much as possible I tried to like the work I did, and I'm also following the director's (Marie Jamora) guidelines.

It's an exaggeration when I say that I did 50 pieces of music in a week, when deadline came I roughly was able to finish 40 and later some were disapproved but most of it went straight to the series. In the end of the whole project I made almost 80 pieces including stingers, bumpers, and disapproved tracks.

'50 INSTRMNTLS N A WK' is a collection of my personal faves, including some that were disapproved, and some I see fit into the collection.

Nonetheless, I strongly feel even if you've never seen the show, “50 INSTRMNTLS N A WK” is still interesting to throw into your digital players. What can you lose, it's all for free? Download it while link lasts!"

- Diego Mapa

Disclaimer: Please pretty please don't use the music for commercial purposes, if you do intend to, please contact me. Cheers!

Link to part 1 (97.59 MB)

Link to part 2 (99.38 MB)

Want to donate to this artist? Click on the link:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008


A nestea

is the best policy. Uuuy...Babasahin niya ulit! :-)


After Katipunan's most popular band took hostage of the whole Manila, now let's turn the spotlight to the top ranking Katipunan based basketball team. It's ATENEO vs LA SALLE!!!

This game has always been the hottest basketball ticket in town! Whether it's a non-bearing game, it doesn't even matter. The game has always been about school pride! I believe some people would even say that sweeping ADMU for the season is better than getting the championship or vice-versa. So this game doesn't prove much if it makes Ateneo becomes the number one team in the country. The question is, who among the Blue Eagle or the Green Archer will conquer the other?